úterý 27. srpna 2019

Visit of Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, to Prague (2019)

Visit of Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, to Prague (2019)
D. Grof
As in the previous year, Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, the representative of the monastery of the Dominican brothers of Avrillé, France, came to visit the faithful in the Czech Republic also this year. The visit took place as part of the concern for the Third Order, which the brothers are in charge of primarily in France, but also elsewhere in the world, including the Czech Republic. On this occasion, Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, celebrated three Holy Masses in the traditional Dominican rite in the course of several days.
On Saturday, August 24, after the Mass, Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, also gave an interesting lecture for more than two dozen people. The topic of this lecture was an analysis of the book by P. Theotim de Saint Just, OMC – The Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to Cardinal Pie.
In this lecture Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, has presented many stimulating ideas that; however, go beyond the scope of this brief report. Among other things, he pointed out that nations have a duty to recognize the claim of Our Lord Jesus Christ for His social reign, as Cardinal Pie demonstrated with the Holy Scripture. Because this is not the case now, the crisis in today's world is primarily spiritual and public apostasy is the greatest sin. In this context, Fr. Maria-Lawrence, OP, reminded that as far as individuals are concerned, God has much time to punish them if necessary. In extreme cases, this punishment may last for eternity. Societies; however, are not eternal, and that is why God is punishing them for apostasy now. Just as a society treats God, so does He the other way round. If the society does not recognize the social rule of Christ the King and acts as if God did not exist, then He also behaves toward society as if He does not exist, i.e. He can permit and often permits punishments in the form of wars, famine, epidemics, etc.
The personal approach of each person is important. Although we, as individuals, do not have the power to change politically the matter of re-establishing the social reign of Christ the King, we still have a fundamental task of defending what remains of Christian civilization. Nor can we ever operate in the spirit of the slogan "the worse, the better" and wish to speed up punishment because such behavior is not permitted.
On the contrary, we are to pray and repent for the return of the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to publicly practice our religion, to attend the Mass, to preach God's Word, to raise our children in a Christian way, etc.
The lecture ended with a common prayer and then the participants had the opportunity to talk to the Dominican father informally.
Thanks for organizing the visit belongs to the organizers, to the French interpreter, and generous donors. May you be all rewarded by the Lord.