středa 31. srpna 2016

A Few Words before the Pilgrimage (2016)

A Few Words before the Pilgrimage (2016)
to saint John Nepomuk, Lužnice, the Czech republic, August 20, 2016
Fr. Martin Fuchs
Recently Don Vescovi, an old Italian priest said:
“The Muslims can come and kill me – I am not afraid – it will be honour for me to die for the Catholic faith. What; however, fills me with fear and worry, is the youth. Will they have enough strength to profess the faith?“
The young people are growing up in a society with many different religions, in a society where people hide the cross in school, in hospital, and other public places, in a society where people do not take children to the church for baptism and don’t have Catholic marriages. In a society where the Ten Commandments are not the laws of a country any longer, where abortion, euthanasia, homosexual couples are considered absolutely normal.
Can they have the necessary strength to give their lives for the true faith?
We always have to decide if we are pro or against Jesus Christ! If we are not for Jesus Christ, we have already decided of our judgment.
In the Old Testament people had to believe in Jesus Christ, The Messiah. Otherwise they would not be saved. They expressed this faith in observing the Commandments and the laws in the temple.
In the New Testament people must also believe in Jesus Christ. The faithful express their faith by observing the Commandments, by accepting the Catholic teaching, by receiving the Sacraments, by praying. If they are not connected with Jesus Christ by this faith, it is impossible for them to reach their eternal goal.
The Muslims are coming to the formerly Christian countries. They will occupy them and convert or kill people who do not believe in Allah.
For them there are only two houses, Allah’s house where all people live who believe in Allah and the second house is the house where all other people live. And this house must be occupied.
European countries always fought against the Muslims to protect the Catholic faith, the most precious good we can possess, e.g. in 732 in Tours and Poitiers (France), in 1571 in Lepanto (Greek) and in 1683 in Vienna (Austria).
And now the Muslims were welcomed by Mrs. Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany!
If there is a danger for them to be sent back, they ask for a baptism or pretend to be homosexuals. Their intention is not honest at all. They do so only to stay in the European Union and to occupy all these countries one day.
Let us ask saint John Nepomuk for his intercession and his help for our countries. Let us keep the Catholic faith!
Protect your children with the miraculous medal and the medal of saint Benedict! Give them holy water every day and lead them to a life in prayer!