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Resistance pilgrimage to saint John Nepomuk (2014)

Resistance pilgrimage to saint John Nepomuk (2014)
D. Grof
10th May, 2014
Despite the weather forecast and the remoteness of the place (close to the Czech-Austrian border line), 30 traditional Catholics gathered this Saturday to participate in the pilgrimage to saint John Nepomuk, the martyr of the confession seal and the national saint. This was the first Resistance pilgrimage and the first Holy Mass celebrated by a Resistance priest in the Czech republic.
The event was prepared by the supporters of the Catholic Resistance and could only take place due to kindness of Fr. Martin Fuchs, a former SSPX priest from nearby Austria (see the interview with Fr. Fuchs here), to whom we express our deep gratitude. 
All the pilgrims had a special booklet made for the occasion with all prayers in Latin and Czech at their disposal.
Blessing of a religious banner
The event began with blessing of a religious banner which has been hand made by one of the participants of the pilgrimage.
Banner of “Christus Rex”
Besides Fr. Martin Fuchs we were also happy to welcome a NO priest inclined to Tradition.
Worship at the saint John Nepomuk statue
St. Joannes Nepomuceni – ora pro nobis!
Pilgrimage with the Rosary prayer
The route of pilgrimage itself had about 5 kilometres. Enough to pray our rosaries...
The Holy Mass
The Holy Mass was celebrated in a beautiful village church which could be used due to the fact that it is owned by the municipality not the conciliar Church.
Before the Holy Mass
Excerpts from Fr. Martin Fuchs´s sermon
(Note: Fr. Fuchs gave his sermon in English which is not his mother tongue. No corrections have been made.)
Fr. Fuchs giving his sermon
Near the Austrian National Shrine of Mariazell, there is a house of bones: The skulls of the dead are piled up there. Let us dwell there for a little moment. Let us meditate for a while.
In these heads things were invented that changed the world, more or less.
Let us imagine, there would even be a head of Jesus Christ ..., the head of which it is said in the Sacred Heart Mass at the introitus: "Cogitationes cordis eius in generatione et generationem: ut eruat a morte animas eorum et alat eos in fame." "His thoughts are reflected from generation to generation, to liberate the souls of death..." Therefore, holding fast to the ideas of this head is so important. It is our duty to hold onto these ideas, the Catholic faith. It was for the thoughts of our Lord – who gave us the sacrament of his mercy – that Saint John Nepomuk died as a martyr. ... This saint could not obey the order of King Wenceslaus IV. who wanted to know what his wife, Queen Sophia, said in her confession. ... The persecutor can be a gentile, a heretic or even a Catholic, as we have seen it in the martyrdom of saint John Nepomuk. ... A martyr is a real confessor of the true faith who dies freely by a persecutor of the Catholic faith.
In our days we will probably not be killed but we are suffering because of persecutors of the Catholic faith and we are suffering freely to keep the true faith.
We will ask saint John Nepomuk for his intercession.
That is why we don’t want any agreement or tolerance edict by neomodernist Rome. We know exactly that this is a danger for the greatest good we have: our Catholic faith. If somebody speaks about “tolerating”, he expresses that he will tolerate something that is not good enough, that is even evil. And this evil is to be tolerated. That means:
Rome considers the Society of Saint Pius X. as an evil. You can draw the consequences! Archbishop Lefebvre would certainly be very sad to see the Society in the situation it is now. But we will pray and resist! Amen.

After the Holy Mass all the pilgrims went to a village restaurant for lunch where there was also enough time to freely talk to Fr. Fuchs and among ourselves. The conversation was very lively and friendly.
Finally the time to depart has come. The organizers of the pilgrimage were more than happy to hear almost univocal wish for another pilgrimage or meeting in the next future.
We really enjoyed the pilgrimage, the friendly atmosphere, the presence of both priests. There was only one thing we disliked: the same day in the evening we got to know – not to our surprise – the news about bishop Fellay´s visit to neomodernist Rome (see here) and thus we reminded the words from Fr. Fuchs´s sermon: “Archbishop Lefebvre would certainly be very sad to see the Society in the situation it is now. But we will pray and resist!”
Yes, we will pray. And resist!