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Report from the Visit of the Dominican Fathers from Avrillé in Prague (2018)

Report from the Visit of the Dominican Fathers from Avrillé in Prague (2018)
Fr. Jean-Nepomucene T.O.P.
D. Grof
The Dominican Fathers devote themselves to various activities within their apostolate. They preach and celebrate Holy Mass wherever they are invited; at their abbey in Avrillé they run a school for boys; they act as teachers at the seminary of the Priestly Society of  the Apostles of Jesus and Mary  lead by Bishop Faure. In addition to all of this they also manage and administer the Third Order of Saint Dominic, especially in France, but also elsewhere in the world.
As part of their concern for the Third Order, two fathers from the Avrillé convent – Fathers Maria-Laurentius and Hyacint-Maria – travelled to Czechia and Poland. And so we had the opportunity to welcome them from Sept. 1st until Sept. 3rd, 2018, between us and to refresh ourselves with the treasures of the Catholic Faith and the sacraments in the traditional Dominican rite.
The Fathers decided to organize a one-day recollection on the topic of the glorious mysteries of the Sacred Rosary. Given the smaller number of local tertiaries, a wider affiliated public was also invited. The whole event took place in the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross and of St. Helena in Stodůlky, Prague, and the first day was attended by almost 30 participants. It is necessary to emphasize the resolve of some faithful who came from more distant places, such as southern Moravia and nearby Slovakia, only to receive the sacraments and hear the preaching of the Dominican fathers. During the day, the Fathers made four lectures on the Resurrection of the Lord, the Ascension of the Lord, the Pentecost, and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where they always first reminded of the sequence of events, and then showed the lessons that this mystery gives to us faithful.
Fr. Hyacint-Maria, OP
On Saturday evening, Father Maria-Laurentius celebrated the Holy Mass in the traditional Dominican rite, during which he gave an incentive sermon about Saint Joseph in Czech – the Fathers had had their sermons translated into Czech beforehand so that the Holy Mass was not interrupted by a simultaneous interpreting.
Immediately after the Holy Mass, the Fathers exposed the Blessed Sacrament to adoration by the faithful, and the day of the spiritual retreat culminated with the Holy blessing.
On the second day the participants of the event partially changed but again there were just over 30 faithful. Father Hyacint-Maria celebrated the sung morning Holy Mass of the 15th Sunday after the Pentecost, and gave a very incentive sermon on what the death teaches us. After the Holy Mass, there was an hour-long lecture on Saint Vincent Ferrer as well.
Fr. Maria-Laurentius, OP
On Sunday evening and on Monday morning (after the early private Holy Masses), the Fathers visited the sacred places of Prague – they prayed at the Infant Jesus of Prague, visited the Church of St. Giles, St. Vitus and other important churches and places of pilgrimage in Prague, some of which are historically connected directly with their order.
Související obrázek
Church of St. Giles
Fathers have shown a special passion for our country and a great concern for its faithful. They were also keenly interested in the situation of Tradition and especially of the Catholic movement of "Resistance" in our country and of all the faithful individually as well as together. In order to illustrate this fact, it is sufficient to say that both of them have already started with the learning of the Czech language to be able to serve the faithful even more efficiently during another visit, if God wills
On Tuesday morning, the Fathers continued on their way to Poland. May God pay them back for their dedicated service. May God also pay back to all those who helped with the organization of the visit – to all who secured the possibility of using the chapel, who lent the sacred vessels including the monstrance, and helped to obtain comfortable and dignified accommodation for the reverend Fathers, and also helped with prayers, financially or else.